Why do many sexfinder sites fail


If you’re one of those unlucky motherfuckers that spend a lot of time on a sexfinder site that can’t seem to get you laid, the reasons are actually quite simple. In fact, they are so simple that you probably kicked yourself for not seeing it earlier it on. The reason that I am talking about, of course, is that for the most part these websites are fake. That’s the bottom line. There’s a wide variety of reasons why people put up fake sexfinder websites. However, they all lead to the same place. They all lead to money.

You have to remember that one of the most lucrative demographic markets anywhere are horny guys. Horny guys would click on ads. Horny guys will buy all sorts of shit. It’s very easy to milk money out of horny guys. However, you need to find a gimmick. This is why free sexfinder websites are all the rage. You’ve seen the ads. You’ve seen the pictures of hot, naked chicks. You’ve seen all that bullshit. Don’t believe it. Don’t fall for the exaggeration because for the most part these websites are just a waste of time. That’s why they fail. They’re obviously fake.

Even if you’re lucky enough to find a website that isn’t an out and out fake, it may still be a waste of time. Why? There are wishy-washy people there or they’re just so many guys out there that you can confuse it for a gay bar. Bad news. You have to pick and choose your websites carefully because you need to pick and choose your battles wisely if you want to find sex. If you try to pick the wrong battle, you’re gonna lose.

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